Concrete Sidewalks Louisville KYConcrete Sidewalks Louisville KY

We’ve poured a lot of miles of concrete sidewalks in and around Louisville KY.

Getting a free estimate on having a sidewalk installed or an existing sidewalk repaired is easy.

Call us and we’ll set a time that’s convenient for you to come by your home or business. We can plot, measure, and price your sidewalk in no time at all.

Repairing Concrete Sidewalks

Sometimes it makes more sense to repair a Concrete sidewalk than it does to totally replace it. If you have cracks or spalling on your surface call us, we can take a look and give you an estimate on repairing it. Same goes for concrete driveways and patios. If you are making plans to sell your home, Scott Harper Realty suggests repairing or reconditioning your existing concrete surfaces can substantially raise your real estates sales value.

Installing Decorative Sidewalks

We can do broom finishes or exposed aggregate concrete sidewalks and they look great, but we also do decorative concretes.

  • Different Colors
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Polished

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