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We Recommend Best Pro Painters For Concrete Painting

Louisville Concrete PaintersWe do not paint concrete. However we do use and can recommend Best Pro Painters of Louisville KY to you if you have concrete that needs to be painted.

For the record concrete is a maintenance free finish and should not be painted for any reason other than aesthetics. If you’re thinking about having your concrete painted you should know that it will need periodic repainting in the future. Also painting a concrete finish can lower the all around value of the concrete. In other words.. We just don’t recommend that you do it.

If You Still Want to Paint Your Concrete

Then you should hire a professional like Don Smitley of Best Pro Painters. We use his service for concrete painting exclusively. He has been painting in and around the Louisville KY area for over 30 years now and has done a lot of commercial painting of block buildings and other concrete surfaces for us. We can reassure you that he knows what he’s doing and knows what it takes to paint concrete surfaces correctly.

Also his prices are fair and he doesn’t charge to do estimates. So if you need concrete painting done, please don’t bother calling us about it. Call Don Smitley instead at 502-445-9106

Hello Louisville KY

Concrete Sidewalk Louisville KYHello Louisville and welcome to our blog about concrete, the concrete industry, and life in general. In the future we’re going to discuss anything and everything. From the local business climate in Louisville to pouring and finishing large concrete construction projects.

If there’s a particular topic you would like us to hit on, just hit the contact us form and let us know. We hope to make a lot of new friends and develop new relationships with other like minded business owners in Louisville and he Southern Indiana area.

So please join us when you can and let us know how we can serve you with this blog. The main summer time concrete season is over and this is our slow time. What better than to spend it promoting our company and trade!